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Help for nausea

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I've had quite a bit of trouble with nausea. My friend's daughter had cancer years ago and her onc said to give her Slurpees. There's something about the combination of pop and ice that helps. I couldn't get my head around it and didn't try it. But at the next chemo treatment a week later the nurse suggested the same thing. So I tried one. It was so good! I don't think I've had one in years! I have the orange so it's not too sweet or strong flavoured and I'm loving them! I now have periods of as long as 4 days without throwing up! It's great! I hope this helps someone.

I'm even off the Gravol and anti-nausea drug! And I'm eating instead of just having soup.


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a Slurpee could help with nausea. 

I will remember that when I have the dreaded yuks. 

Thanks, JanJan.


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Worth the shot! 

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What a surprise that this would even work.  Being on oxi anything cold would have sent me through the roof but what  you are on, if this works go for it.  I'm glad this works and you posted this.  It might help others instead of taking drugs to help them.


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Yes, I definitely don't recommend this while on Oxy. Ew, that would be horrid!


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Glad to hear that works with other chemo concotions, but I ditto Kim's comment. Warning to the new people, don't try this if you are on a chemo with Oxi, unless you like drinking what feels like shards of glass. When we went out, I had to ask for water with no ice and even that was often too cold. Oxaliplatin made me extremely sensitive to cold and it seems like this is a pretty common side effect. I had to have gloves to get things out of the refrigerator and freezer, wear socks or slippers in the house and even socks to bed.


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Oxi is horrible. I remember walking around the house and feeling like everything I touched was going to give me an electric shock. Just turning a door handle, washing my hands after using the bathroom, flushing the toilet, picking up anything, it was traumatic. I had mine in winter so the ambient temperature in the house didn't help.

One time I was just finished chemo and was walking to my car on the other side of the parking lot and my face was reacting to the cold. I got in my car and couldn't find my ticket for the parking. I ended up getting out of the car to look for it and was crying the face thing was so bad. It turned out it was in the car.

And the drinking. Anything cooler than room temperature was terrible. I got so sick of only drinking warm or hot things. I still have neuropathy in my feet although it's not bothersome. I hardly notice it. It's been 4 years.


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