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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.


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Fox and I were cyber friends and connected immediately; I know how hard he fought and how much he appreciated the years of life that he survived following a dreadful prognosis.

There was no treatment he didn’t try and never did he complain about his situation; he didn’t ask why because he knew that the answer was why not. 

I shall miss him dearly but he lives in my heart and if there is an afterlife, his earthly karma will last fall forever.

My deepest condolences to his wife, someone he loved deeply.

Fly, Fox....


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thank you

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Thank you, Sarah


FLY, Fox. We love you...

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Thank you, Sarah. Beautifully said. I feel the same.

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Very nice, and I think we all feel the same way. Thank you, so very well said.

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Beautifully said! 

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Although it was expected it still hits hard

 No more Fox telling you to stopp wasting your effing time and live

No more Fox telling us to stop panicking about scans

No more Fox telling us not to worry about things that dont need worrying about

No more Fox blazing a trail with his treatments and just keep on going

Yeah,, had my surgery and rode home on my Harley.. it was nothing . just felt a slight twinge 


No more FLY

Miss you Fox





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Aww.. well stated, Annie!

But FoxHD WILL LIVE ON from his history here, his posts (hope not all were lost)

and WE learning from his example to help others. 

RIP dear, sweet Foxy!

Will recognize your spirit coming through to us~


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Fox was an inspiration, when my Dad had his kidney cancer i looked upto to Fox, he was the one i followed mostly, he is the strongest figher and he will be missed

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Fox reminded us so many times that we need to take care of ourselves and remain in shape in case of an unforeseen battle ahead. And he himself has proved it by beating all the odds after given with a devastating prognosis. 

I am sure without Mrs. Fox's support, the story would have changed. I wish you the best Mrs. Fox, I understand it must be difficult but I am sure Fox wants you to live your life happy.

Fox, once again, you are the man! FLY!

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Fox was such a wise funny smart person. I will miss him and his advice. My sympathy to his family. FLY fox.

Posts: 262
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Fox was such a wise funny smart person. I will miss him and his advice. My sympathy to his family. FLY fox.

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