Treating the prostate gland for metastatic cancer.

A quick update-- 

My dad has failed Zytiga after a new lesion has shown up in the shoulder blade (diagnosed with bone metastasis, so this isn't a huge surprise), but more curiously, a new tumor visible to MRI has shown up on the prostate after not being able to really ever see one before this (two pre-diagnosis biopsies showed no cancer, even). It happened quite quickly, PSA was 1.99 in November on Zytiga and is now 4.82 (PSA 60 at diagnosis in late 2017). He continues to receive quarterly Lupron.

The oncologists have ordered radiation (after taking biopsy for Foundation One genome testing) to the prostate, which I have learned isn't typical for metastatic cases. An update in the STAMPEDE trials show they may have been incorrect to not treat the primary source-- the update I saw was released in October 2018, so quite recent.

Have any of you metastatic patients received localized treatment? He hasn't had radiation to the prostate before, just the bone lesions. It's pushing against the bladder and colon so they ruled out surgery for now, will treat with radiation first. 

Foundation One biopsy is being taken on Monday, and then radiation will begin a few days later.

Hope you are all feeling well!