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PET scans are boring

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forty-five minutes watching TV in a room trying not to think about the radioactive gunk they injected me with followed by thirty minutes laying inside a machine. I damn near fell asleep in that thing Tongue Out Oh well that's enough complaining. Smile



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The two PET scans I have had, I had to sit for 45 minutes in a dark room with NO audio of visual stimulation. I wished I'd fallen asleep.

The PET scan itself was a horrific experience, because the sugar solution went straight to my bladder, which I had voided right before. I was in agony wanting to pee, but they kept saying 'Hold on one more moment' which ended up being minutes.  I very nearly peeed all over their floor as I ran to the bathroom. 

I hope I never have to have another PET, if I do, I am wearing a DEPEND for sure. 

So, saying that, I'm glad you PET scan is over and done with, and I hope the results are good. 


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Me too! No TV! Now that's boring!

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I had a PET scan last fall in Sierra Vista, Az. To get back on I-10, you have to go through a USBP checkpoint, unless you know the backroads. The agents carry a radiation detectors strong enough to sniff out the barium injection inside a car. It's a good thing the scanning clinic gave me a pass to get through. 

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same here in NYC, sensors everywhere. I get a note, and i hear they started doing that since one of their patients was stopped by the police. I always take a car service home from one becuase I don't want to deal with that happening to me on the subway. I have had like 4 or 5 pet scans


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Note to self avoid checkpoints. Tongue Out Serisouly though thanks for the heads up so I know in the future if I need another scan. I had no idea that could happen.

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