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Restoration of Lost Posts

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Joined: Jan 2018

I've restored as much of the content from the posts that were lost during the CSN data outage from 10/29/18 to 1/30/19 as I was able to find online in cached web pages. In some instances, I added the content to topics that existed before the data loss, but in most cases I created new discussion threads. I included the user name and date of the first post in the titles for those new discussion threads.

All the posts on a given topic were consolidated into a single post under my user name since there was no way to have them appear as separate entries under the original user names. While not ideal. this does make searching for the posts written by a specific user much easier since the user names are now in the body of the new consolidated post.

Please see the "sticky" post Information on the Uterine Board Content Lost in CSN Outage - Updated for more information.

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Thank you so much, cmb. What a gift you've given all of us with your diligence and skill to retrieve these "lost" posts. It's unfortunate that the ACS didn't think of that themselves.

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Re what you've done. You have to promise never to leave this board!

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The content was too important to be lost forever. I really appreciate all the effort to reinstate these threads. It had to have been a lot of work. We are fortunate to have you and your excellent expertise, CMB! 

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Great Job, CMB! Thanks for your hard work!!!

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CMB, you are a miracle worker!  We are so lucky to have you!!  Many thanks for all the time and effort you devoted to this tedious task. 

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Posts: 730
Joined: Jan 2018

I will admit that it was a bit tedious to strip out all the HTML formatting for reposting, but it also gave me a break from my current client project. Sometimes it helps me to focus on something other than work so that I can return to my projects with a fresh eye.

Plus, I just hated the thought that so much valuable information was lost. Although I didn't start reading this site until I was done with treatment, reading current and past posts has made me even more comfortable with the treatment I received and what I should consider if my cancer recurs. I know that others find this site just as valuable for their own purposes.

I also hope that the folks who posted for the first time during the data loss period find their way back to the site now that their original posts are available again.

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Thank you so much for doing this!!



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Thank you, cmb!  I appreciate all the work it took and the time you put in to this project.  Your efforts have such a profound effect on us all.  

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