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Discharge 7 weeks post brachy

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I’m back again with the same issue. My vaginal cuff tore a little bit back at the end of December.  As a result I was having a lot of tanish yellowish watery  discharge.  I was seen by the radiation oncologist that confirmed it was as a result of the cuff. ok, the discharge has significantly  gotten better. However, I still get a couple of drops of watery discharge a day. My radiation oncologist says he is not worried sbout it because it’s not bloody.  He said once you radiate the vaginal walls it really could cause anything. 

I was stage 1b, Figo 2.  My hysterectomy was in August.  Is anyone having any discharge after their Brachy?  It’s now been 6 weeks that I’ve been having this  again, it’s much, much better .  I no longer have to wear a panty liner.  My radiation oncologist says this may be my new normal?  I’ve read through many of the posts and don’t see anyone with this issue?  

Thanks do much  




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I just posted a recap of the answers you got to your original question on this subjest as:


Looks like some of the women who responded to that original question had discharge for quite a while after treatment.

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After the initial treatments I had a tiny bit of blood, but considering what the old vag went through, I thought it was remarkable to have just that tiny bit of blood, and it stopped the next day. Had really bad doubling over diarrhea post treatment for one day but I had the sandwich 2 chemo 3 brachy, 2 chemo treatment. I keep looking for any bleeding but luckily so far there is none. I am 5 months post brachy. 


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I know this is rare and relatively new, but are there any comrades out there?

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Yes I am 1A Serous carcinoma.  My story was online but all our posts were lost by the CSN from Oct. to January.   I haven't retold the story.  How are you doing?


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I also believe I had a few clear cells.  Howdy! There are many of us here.




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Yes. I had it. It's more commonly called 'undifferentiated', you can search the term and you should see quite a few posts here. 

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