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Possible melanoma on scalp

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My hair is very white and my wife noticed a large mishapen area a few weeks ago on my scalp that is about the size of her putting her pinkie to her thumb tip.  It's got ragged edges and is shades of brown and black.  She said it also has spots around it that are very dark.  It's not raised like a SK.  I went to the derm last week when I had off and he removed a suspicious mole on my back (number 34) and a spot on my face that is almost square and has remained raw for months, no matter what I used to heal it.  He checked my body but forgot my scalp and I forgot to mention it because we were talking about other things.  I go back this coming Monday for him to check it.  If you Google scalp cancer, there are numerous pictures of what my spot on my scalp looks like and they're all melanoma.  After 33 pre cancerous moles, this is pretty upsetting to me. 

I have a form of COPD caused by exposure to asbestos while in the ARMY, began having petit mal seizures 2 1/2 years ago but they're controlled with meds.  I have high BP and cholesterol so am on meds for that.  Asthma, arthritis and osteopenia probably caused by the years and years of steroids which control or help control the lung issues.  36 years ago I lost my ability to urinate.  I've been catherizing myself daily now for close to 20 years.  I'm 71 and look healthy.  Melanoma really concerns me.

My wife was pronounced CURED of Stage IV colon cancer a month ago.  She had Stage III 10 years ago and a met to her liver 3 years later.  We're so thankful for her health.  She has hypothyroid, but no other health problems at 68. 

Coach Jim

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