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neck pain

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I've been diagnosed with rectal cancer recently. I've also had neck pain for about three weeks. It's in the right side of my neck and it's a dull ache. When I was still working I thought it was from having to have my head in one position a lot but now I've been out of work for a week and it's still there. I'm going to tell my doctor but should I be concerned?

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It is nothing that I am aware of.  Maybe your sleeping position?

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Hey Christy, 

I always let my docs know of any changes or new aches, pains, etc.  But to maybe help you rest a little easier, I too have recurring neck pain and was worried about it for awhile but I started taking not of when i noticed the pain and anything else that might be going on  at the same time and came to realize that my neck pain usually conincided with some type of stress going on in my life.  Could be as simple as getting nervous about a dr. appt. or something from work, or just feeling down about my cancer diagnosis and fight.  

May not make much sense but once I recognized this pattern, it made me feel a lot better but more importantly I now notice the pain quicker and can take steps to reduce the stress or at least relax a bit and try to quiet my crazy mind. 

I wanted to say I saw your post where you say that acceptance is the key and I want to really thank you for saying that and to let you know that I 100% agree.  I am at my calmest when I am in a place where I am accepting things for what they are.  Now if I could just figure out how to stay in acceptance mode LOL.

Hope that helps




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Nothing that you describe sounds like it would be worriesome.  It's hard after diagnosis to carry on with life.  Every pain causes anxiety it seems.  With others sometimes more anxiety.  After a neck gets stressed or twisted in any certain way it can sometimes take weeks for it to feel better.  The older we get the harder it is to heal our bodies.  Good to keep your doctor informed though.  Hope you feel better soon.


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   As my doctor once said to me , when people get cancer they are sometimes so overwhelmed by the diagnosis that they tend to forget that they are just as susceptable to  heart disease , stroke and every other form of problem. I befriended an old lady during our joint chemo and one day she complained about a pain in her neck and not being able to see clearly out of one eye. I told her to go directly to hospital on the way home from chemo. Her carotoid artery was 3/4 blocked. They did a stent which saved her life. Cancer does not give immunity from other diseases. Ron.

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