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Hysteroscopy & D&C Results

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Thankfully my biopsy results came back as benign, with no malignancy or pre-cancerous cells detected in the polyp and endometrial lining that was removed.  I was told that this is something we will have to be very diligent about watching in the future.  Development of polyps and ignoring the symptoms (post menopausal bleeding the main one), can lead to the development of cancer in some of these.  I hope this information is helpful to some.

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Thanks for reporting back your good news.  Yes, be vigilant.  Best wishes, Oldbeauty

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Congratulations,  wonderful news indeed.

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Thank you for sharing your news with us. Always makes my heart happy to hear good news. 


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I'm also glad your gynecologist will watch for any new problems.   

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Doing my happy dance for you!

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I am relieved  for you. Stay vigilant and healthy.  

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The best news. I am so happy for you. My hysteroscopy went well yesterday. Now waiting for the results. 

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Congrats! Such great news. 

Love and Hugs,


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