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Tooth implant

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I had a back molar pulled prior to radiation treatment which I really miss as it was a main chewing tooth and now that it's gone I chew differently and have a tendency to bite the back of my tongue which is really painful.

I saw a dental surgeon who's willing to do the implant and has said my jaw bone is good eonough to handle it but am worried somewhat about the trauma to the jaw bone and the complications that could arise.

I have to make a decision as my dental insurance will run out soon. Has anybody had any luck getting one or more of these?

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I had to have 3 teeth pulled on my lower right side.  I did not know what was going on until it was too late. The radaiation was strongest there and cause gum damage and infections. Doc would give me an antibiotic, but a few weeks later I'd have infection again. Then I started using the colloidal silver in Sept and have had no infections since.  I've been working on this since late August 2018 and consulted with two of the best implant dentists in Naples Fl; both concluded that I have enough bone for two implants, but the third one will be attached to the others.  I'm going ahead with it after I find out the results of the fine needle biopsy on a nodule on my throid.   Read my story here:  https://csn.cancer.org/node/318529

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I too have a back molar that may need to be pulled if an Endodontist cannot do a root canal.  My dentist won't attempt it because the root is too small.  My fear is not being able to chew properly after it's gone.  Please keep this thread updated so we can see if the implant was successful.  My fear is my jaw not healing due to the rads.

This subject has been discussed here a few times with no one saying it worked or didn't.  Or at least I can't remember.  Each case is different but if more of us have success then I'll give it try.

Good luck going forward.

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If you had radiation during treatment it is important to ensure any dental treatment involving contact with the bone is reviewed before any decisions are made. Reviewing the radiation map used by the RO is vital to understand where the bone might be weakened. 

HBOT is a procedure where oxygen is put into your system before operating in the bone and assists with healing and lessens the chance of ORN.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, Osteoradionecrosis 


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