Use of testosterone to build up uretha for AMS800 Surgery

I went in for an evaluation to see if the AMS800 would be right for me. I had Prostate cancer surgery in 2012 and 3 months later I had to radiation therapy, 44 sessions. I had mild incontinence first and Kigels didn't help but I was getting by on light pads. A year ago, I had a kidney stone and they went in to break it. Whatever they did, it increased my incontinence from light to heavy. I also found I have Afib and got stuck on Eliquis. The urologist told me that for the AMS800 to work that I would need to increase my testosterone level to increase muscle mass on the uretha. So, I started injections to do that. My cardiologist, when I told her what was going on, said the testosterone injections could trigger a stroke or heart attack. She asked if I would have to maintain the injections after surgery for the AMS800 to work. I'm still waiting to see my urologist on this but am curious if this has happened to anyone else. I want to stop the leakage but not if I have to keep taking testosterone.


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    Are they not concerned about

    Are they not concerned about the T feeding the PCA? What were your diagnostic details?