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Hey all,

I was just wondering what yours (and what's considered normal) EGFR and Creatinine levels following a radical nephrectomy? Thank you!



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First as a generalization our ceatine is going to be higher and gfr lower than our 2 kidney brothers and sisters. Other factors function in including age. In general doctors like to see your gfr over 60 after a Neph. Mine has ranged as low as the upper 30's to 70 or so. It wemt up (good) after I lost a lot of weight.





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hi Iceman been awhile since checked in here so many medical issues. But nephrologist diagnosed me stage 3b two weeks ago. My egged been going Dow for about 8 months now.  But it still varies. I was in 30 and go to 40. My bp is very high on two bp meds now have pitting edema in legs and feet.  But I need to lose some weight and get rid of some of this fluid on my body.  Asking for prayers 

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An EGFR (capital E) is for human growth factor and you may be asked at some time if you have ever received any injections for that.

The eGFR stands for estimated glomurlar filtration rate, which is how effective the little tubules within the kidney filter out the proteins in the urine.

That said, it can vary!!!  Mine has never been much better than 36-42 with one kidney.  And that one is almost 76 years old.  I was 64 when I had the right kidney removed.  And age is part of the predictor rating for what is "normal".

My husband has both kidneys, but was sent to a nephrologist because his eGFR was nearly as low as mine, even though we're the same age.  He finally got the message that he was eating too much salty food and was overweight; then the eGFR went up where it should have been.

You can do a web search.  Try "Reading lab results" or even eGFR.  Use caution with the sites you find; if they are trying to sell you something, they aren't worth the screen time you waste.


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I can't find the numbers from right after surgery, but two weeks later I was at 2.0 Creatinine and 25 for Calculated EGFR.  I had an open partial on my sole kidney, so as icemantoo says, it varies for every person and situation.  The numbers keep improving slowly - at 2 1/2 years, I'm now at 1.2 and 47.  I'm paying attention again to wise icemantoo about the benefit of weight loss.  Did you have surgery yet?  Take care -

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