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Checking in

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Hi all! I haven't been very active lately and for that I am truly sorry. Know there are days that I do just a quick scan to make sure everyone is okay. I have been in a bit of a funk, stress has been getting the better part of me I suppose. But today I woke feeling more like myself. I even went to the little hole in the wall country store and bought the gang sitting out front a round of coffee. Made me fell good to pass around a little happiness to others I suppose, get their morning started out on a good note. 

So Jim is having his next round of the Themospheres on the 14th. I am hoping to talk him into celebrating Valentines the day before and go to the Andre Bucelli concert but he doesn't care for Opera. Neither do I really but that mans voice is like an Angel I have to go see him live! My last van his CD got stuck in the changer so I think Jim got a little burnt out on him. Lol 

I am still at a little loss. When we met with the Dr. doing the procedure I asked if this will get Jim to a resectable point he said No. They only operate on the liver if it is contained to one side. Then why is it that I am reading that only 25 % liver volume is needed. I still think we should head to Tampa and see another liver surgeon. Since one side of his liver is caring the bulk of the load why can't that side be removed and then target the side with only a couple of mets? I still want to speak directly with an actual liver surgeon and stop this tumor board BS. Jim is upset with me that I am pushing for more procedures since we don't know quite yet how successful this is. Well we were told the mets were shrinking, until I hear dead or gone I don't want to stop looking ahead I guess. Maybe I am being too pushy, but I have little faith in the medical system it has failed me tremendously and I don't want to see it fail him, not with cancer. I guess I should back down for a couple of weeks give him time to celebrate that they are shrinking and stop my Debbie Downer ways. 


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they will not do surgery unless they can get it all. Occasionally they will resect and do an ablation at the same time. They did this for my husband because one tumor was near the IVC and in the caudate lobe. So they resected one part ablated tHe other tumor. 

I get it being down I have been feeling the same way lately, it’s exhausting.

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Hi, my husband has too many tumors in his liver for surgery to be an option, however,  he had a chemoembolizaiton done twice, once to each lobe.  This was last spring, don't know if it is the same as thermospheres but sounds close.  Anyway, procedure was painful (second one worse than the first) but  so far it appears the liver sites are inactive and  his liver function tests are going back to normal. Now we are just working on the lung tumors.  I hope your husband has success with his liver sites. 

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A second opinion is always a good idea.  I'm not able to help you with any advice but just going to see another specialist might confirm or entertain a new approach.  I'm an opera fan and went to go see Luciano Pavarotti right before he died and that was on my bucket list so it made my year.  Hope you get to enjoy the concert if he agrees to go.  Wishing him the best on the 14th.


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