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Update on husband

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Richard finished up the 6 weeks of  radiation/chemo treatments about 6 weeks ago. Last week we flew to MD Anderson for all the scans and appointment. Turns out the tumor is the same size as before the last treatments. We thought that was a little strange. So it looks like another surgery to remove the tumor. This is a reoccurrence from the original tumor. This will leave Richard with a permanent colostomy. not Mets notes on the scans and his liver is said to look better than before. rich will have another set of scans in one month just in case the light up was still from the Radiatio. It had been 6 weeks since the last radiation treatmenT. Richard is very upset and I fear some depression over this. However, I was h to hear it can be removed and there anew no other meets. However, I am not the one who will be wearing the Colostomy. Richard is a very positive person and his attitude from the start of being diagnosed with stage 4 back in July 2017 has been amazing. I truly think he will not let this keep him down for long. At 39 years old he has endured so many changes. I am truly blessed he is mine! We will meet with the oncologist and rad this week here at home. We still have a glimmer of hope the light up was from the radiatioN. Richard has the radiation at home In WV so we will talk to the radiologist tuesday. I am  One a different note the Goldendoodle I got us back in the summer has been a blessing as well. She keeps the house crazy, but brings so much joy to both of us. She also helped get Richard out king more! Thank you for letting me share!

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I understand how upsetting it is to think about a colostomy... for myself, from the beginning there was no doubt that I needed a colostomy. Believe me there are days when I hate it but I can honestly say those days are fewer than before. The fact is... it means that they will remove the cancer. It’s tough surgery but your husband is young. It’s his best option for ridding himself of cancer. It won’t be easy but it will be ok.

good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to message me.


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Thank you! We have been watching some YouTube videos etc just to get prepared some. He had a an emergency colectomy when the tumor was first found and they removed a foot of his colon Then. With the location there is no choice but to have the colostomY. Poor guys has had 4 surgeries since July 2017. Thank you for offer to help with questions. I know we will have many! 

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Hi to you and your husband. I was diagnosed with stage 3 CRC in 2017. Had chemo, radiation, surgery and colostomy, and more chemo. For me the colostomy is the easier of all the rest. Of course as a nurse I had previous experience with them, but it is different with your own body. If I get frusterated with it , I think back to before the diagnosis and treatment. Afraid to leave the house. Embarrassing accidents. Yes, I think you will grow to appreciate your colostomy, I know I have.

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