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Been awhile

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It has been a long while since i have posted, in the time i have been absent from here i have bought a home and moved from NY to Pa. I did research to find a doctor/primary who then referred me to an Onc i will see Oct 19th, i went thru a lot of hassels trying to find medical coverage for me out here and also to find a Doc that will accept my Ins. All that is behhind me now and i await a new adventure, getting to know my doctors all over again, the previous doctors i had i was with for over 10 yrs, i will feel out of my comfort zone but i know i will get thru it, i am praying some symptoms i have felt last few months are not anything cancer related but i remain optimistic, i have developed an auto immune disease now which i was misdiagnosed for 10 months and it is after a yr of treatment gone for now. I hope i am still in remission, but if not i will fight again, will post the findings i get from new Onc and i promise not to be a stranger.

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Very good to hear from you! It almost seems like we are not intended to be comfortablefor an extended period of time. You apparently negotiated the insurance minefield and survived - thst is quite a feat in itself. The fight continues, but do check in and let us know how everything is. 

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It is so good to hear from you and especially to know that you are still the fighter you have always been.  It really does seem like your health is doing so much better and you are not facing such a plethora of issues.  It is wonderful to hear.  Thank you so much for the update and please know that you are an inspiration for us.

Keep on hanging on, Becky

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Lots of changes Chris. Getting use to a new dr is always an adventure. When it is a specialist that can be a challenge. My oncologist retired about the time I completed my Rituxan treatment. Since she was part of a group I didn't have prolbems related to insurance but my new oncologist was NEW. Had been doing all of her studies and training at a large hospital in Chicago. Very lively and energetic. It's been a year now and we know and understand each other. Of course she is getting me after it was all over and I keep telling her that I hope it stays this way.

Working with a new medical team means telling them everything, even stuff that may not be in the records. Then remembering other things and trying to decide if they should know it or not. good luck with your new adventure.

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