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New "Sticky" Post about CSN Data Outage

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Posts: 470
Joined: Jan 2018

You'll see that I added a new post entitled "Information on the Uterine Board Content Lost in CSN Outage." It repeats information I've shared in other posts, but all in one place. I've asked CSN to make this a read only, "sticky" post so that it remains at the top of the list for a while until we decide it's no longer necessary.

CSN has been reading and responding to my emails pretty promptly, so I hope the sticky status is applied soon.

derMaus's picture
Posts: 561
Joined: Nov 2016

Thank you for your leadership on this, cmb. I, and others, really appreciate it!

Forherself's picture
Posts: 325
Joined: Jan 2019

I was surprised how disappointed I was when this site was down.  It has become a valuable source of information and inspiration.   

NoTimeForCancer's picture
Posts: 2700
Joined: Mar 2013

You did them a tremendous favor, and I see they put it at the top of the chat.  Hopefully they will get the 'hint' and do this for the other boards.  Thank you, cmb!

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Joined: Jul 2018

yes, thank you for all of your help! 

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Joined: Jun 2012

lucky us to have you 

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