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Oh my goodness!

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Can't believe all that data was lost! How the hell did that happen? Sounds like everything was accidentally deleted. I don't think I had put anything of value here but some history is lost. Oh well, doesn't help to cry over spilt milk does it?

I've had a full and actually nice day today! Drove downtown to a new hairdresser and she was great! Got a great cut and color. I picked up food for my son and took my landlady donuts. Got the car washed and the house cleaned. Not by me of course!

So tomorrow is the big day that I meet my new family member hopefully, a precious little calico kitten. I am so excited! I've been wanting a kitten for ages and the time seems definitely right. I sure hope it all works out tomorrow. I cannot believe it's really happening.

Saw the Oncologist yesterday, but I think I will update about that later. It was actually a good visit so no bad news to tell. I will be back to update.

So sorry to all that lost important stuff and memories from friends that are no longer with us...too sad.



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So glad that you are getting your little one tomorrow.  I'm sure it will give you much joy.  It also sounds like you had a good day at the doctor also. 


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i love you are getting a kitten. i am writing this with my Siamese girls chin resting on my wrist. bliss & blessing at once. happy you are feeling good. please keep us updated. Cool love from New Zealand


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