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NED 7 years

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Hi Everyone,


Today marks 7 years NED.

I am thrilled with this anniversay date each year. 

All my best, to all of you where ever you are in this journey.  I never thought I would get here.


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Congratulations on your accomplishment.  Do you have any tips for those of us who aspire to do the same?

marbleotis's picture
Posts: 715
Joined: Mar 2012

Well I eat Organic based on the dirty dozen list, maintain a mediteranian-based diet, cook almost all my own food (so I know the quality).

WHen I was first Dx'ed with Stage 3B signet cell colon cancer I heard no words after you have cancer.  I decided my glass is always 1/2 full so I fought (colon surgery for ascending colon, then 6 months of FU and Oxi). That was very powerful stuff.  I remember the horrible feeling of losing all my strength during infusion.

I decided early on that I would fight, fight, fight. I am very type-A 

Now I keep myself active, back to work full time and can think about/plan for the future.

Part of getting through is really keeping a positive attitude - now I know how hard that is, but if you are having a good day - enjoy it.  If you are upset - give yourself 5 minutes to cry and then be done with that.

All my best - keep all of us updated on your progress.

You can PM me if you like.

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Posts: 1188
Joined: Apr 2017

Thanks for the tips.  It is always good to hear what works.

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That's wonderful, congrats! I have kept bumping all my appointments as they never seem convenient, for so long, I'm now doing tests 5 months after anniversaries. As a marble does, keep rolling down that path................................................................Dave

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This is so encouraging to every one of us! Congratulations! And many more years being NED!


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So happy to hear your wonderful news. 

 My friend wishes to join in the celebrations. 



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Thank you so much for posting this wonderful news.  It's always wonderful to hear of another survivor long term.


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