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More Problems with Website

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Joined: Nov 2016

Now more people's photos are gone. How did that happen overnight??? WTF?? It's important to see faces of those who've chosen to use a profile photo, or their avatar if they haven't; it adds to the 'real person' factor. Is this damage ongoing? 

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Joined: Jan 2018

I've been wondering if they were hacked. There was one other large website that had a major outage in the past few days, apparently taken down by a hacker. All of our email addresses -- from a cancer site. I would hope, if they were hacked, they would feel an ethical duty to tell us the truth.

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They seem very vague. 

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Joined: Jan 2018

While I confirmed that my user "About Me" profile was still on this site after the data loss, a post by a member on another board prompted me to check my personal settings. When I did, I saw that my email address had been replaced by a new, junk address. I changed this back to the email address I use for this site.

If you haven't checked your personal settings yet, you may want to do so now to ensure that your information is what you've chosen.

Click on CSN Home at the upper left of the screen, then go to My CSN Account – Preferences & Settings to see if you want/need to make any changes.

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Yes, indeed, I had the wrong user name. I am not the sharpest these days. Also, my email was changed to a junk email also so I changed it back. This leads me to believe that this was a targeted attack. My Humana website wasn’t working either yesterday with some of the same issues, they demurred when I asked about an attack. 



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Joined: Feb 2018

Good tip. My email also was replaced with some made up email address. I'd guess they did it to everyone. They ought to say that in their message about this fiasco.

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Joined: Jan 2018

I'd add that if the password you use for this site is the same as you use for anything else, change it immediately -- everywhere you use it. Heck, I'm going to change my password here anyway, even though it's unique.

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It took me several tries to get things changed. The system didn‘t seem to recognize me to change my email because the email they had placed in there wasn’t associated with my account. After several tries, i think my email and new password are saved. This site is too important to me to not be part of it so it was worth the work.

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I sent an email to CSN last night asking them to issue a general reminder to people to check their personal information. Not everyone will think to do this and I know that I was surprised to find that my email address had been changed. I've never filled in any of the other "personal" information like name, address, etc. but others may have.

No response yet, but hopefully they will do this.

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Joined: Jan 2018

I just got an email back from CSN:

Hi cmb,

Thank you for suggestion we post a message on the site to suggest everyone double check their contact information and email address.  I have forwarded your message to the appropriate staff members and we are taking steps to address it on the site as I send you this message.

Thank you for your suggestion and help!


CSN Support Team


I'm sure I wasn't the only person to make this request, but it will be very helpful if they follow-through as noted in the response.

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Joined: Jun 2018

Yes I checked and my email is not correct. Tried to change it but I need to remember my password...ugh I have forgotten my password so having the false email makes it difficult to change the password. Anyway I have sent a message to CSN to see if they can help. 

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I checked mine and it had my proper email

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