Stereotactic body radiotherapy SBRT

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For those of you considering SBRT (Cyberknife is one brand), here are the results of a large-scale study on its use to extend life for Stage IV folks like me. I'm a candidate and the moment the mets in my lungs start growing again, I plan to zap the suckers with SBRT.

"...our question was, could we use highly focused radiation to destroy those tumors and have the same effect as surgery? The initial answer from this large prospective trial is yes."

"A unique aspect of the trial design was the decision to use patient-reported rather than physician-assessed quality of life (QoL). Patients reported no significant changes in their quality of life immediately after completing stereotactic radiation, nor at 6 weeks, 3 months and 9 months follow-up. At the 6- and 12-month marks, QoL was significantly better than before treatment."


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    I'm a big fan of CyberKnife,

    I'm a big fan of CyberKnife, myself. It killed off some nasty mets in an inoperable area and had virtually no side effects. I'm going to have more of it, soon, and am very glad it's an option. Certainly it's less harmful than external radiation (I've had plenty of that, too). I think it's not used as much because the technology is so expensive that many places don't have it. Even in my area - So Cal - there are only a few places that offer it. I'd imagine that lack of exposure limits the number of doctors who recommend it's use. Here's what it looks like; the machinery is huge and I can't even imagine the cost.

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    I agree.  We have one center

    I agree.  We have one center here that has it, and it's not the center I'm being treated at.  As of now, I don't have a need for this, but if it arises, you can bet I will avail myself of it!