Potential new treatment - NO publications, unfortunately

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Unfortunately, it seems that their claim was probably made to raise more funding.  They're now saying they can't publish because they can't afford to.

Scientists don't PAY to get studies published - they submit them to peer-reviewed journals for evaluation, and the ones that appear to be valid and worthwhile are published.  So it's likely that they don't have publishable results.

It's an elegant concept, but no proof yet.  Sorry that the follow up to the initial posting was delayed by the CSN outage.


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    I read that too

    I have been reading about that and hoping there would be some sort of follow up about it, Thank you. How are you doing? Did you have to delay your last chemo? I just did #5 this last Friday.

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    Yes, had to delay again due

    Yes, had to delay again due to low platelets.  They were 102K today, chemo #5 tomorrow.  I would be surprised if I can do #6 after only 4 weeks!  How are you feeling?

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    Yes I read that too

    Gosh wouldn't it be wonderful if they could find a cure for cancer like the article was describing!!! Oh well maybe in my children's lifetime we will eventually find a cure!! 

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    I was skeptical from the get-go

    There are so many variations of cancer that it would be difficult to imagine something that could get rid of all of them. If this approach helps people with some types of cancer, though, it would be great. 

    But this development is NOT helping the researcher's credibility any.