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Hand tremor

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Just reposting this topic that was lost in the CSN outage:

Near the end of chemo (around infusion 4 or 5 of 6), I developed a noticeable tremor in my writing hand. It mostly occurs when I'm holding something, like a glass. After chemo ended, it did not go away. It hasn't gotten any worse either, 4 months post-chemo.

I raised it with my gyn onc, who did not seem to think it's related to chemo. She referred me to my PCP and suggested I have a neurological workup.

Did anyone else developed a tremor during chemo? Thanks.

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I developed a hand tremor during chemo as well. It did go away, though. I had very low blood counts, so that was thought to be the reason - I was just generally weaker. My tremor did go away after chemo. 

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It would seem to make sense that your hand tremor could be due to overall stressors that chemo treatments have on overall nervous system. A good idea to see a neurologist if not resolved. Some medications have hand tremors as side effects. Our nervous systems are pretty sensitive to medications, stressors and trauma of any type. Hope you can get to the bottom of it soon! 


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Me, too. I developed a tremor during treatment that went away about 6 months after treatment ended. I feel strongly that mine was chemo-induced as I've never had it before, or since. 

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