no one around

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It does not seem many around on the bladder discussion board.  thats a shame, there are so many with bladder cancer.

Thank you all for allowing me to on here to panic and to vent.  I wish you all the best.  I will be on the breast cancer board because that is ongoing with me and I will be at smartpatients to get help with my TCC.

Prayers and hugs to you all,



  • stub1969
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    Wishing only the best, Apaugh

    I hate to lose your encouraging comments and thoughtful perspective on our board, but I totally understand.  

    Prayers of healing strength coming your way!


  • Gtngbtr58
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    Best of

    Luck -June

  • APny
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    All the best, Annie!

    All the best, Annie!

  • Wehavenotimeatall
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    Oh dear

    hope you keep popping in to tell us how you are getting on

    love and hugs

  • AnnissaP
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    Please keep in touch!

    Please keep in touch!

  • Apaugh
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    Prayers going up

    I find myself wondering about all of you.  Even after only a short time, I care about you all.  It is just my nature I guess.  

    Hugs and prayers.


  • JoeyZ
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    I feel a lot like you do at

    I feel a lot like you do at times, Annie. So unfortunately, I just don't come here as often as before. I want to, but it's hard to when nothing is happening. I also go to smart patients.

    I've cut back on all of it a tad bit, as I have been spending TOO much time on the forums. I am a little more relaxed, just playing some word games and doing other things. There's a happy medium.

    I like to hear from everyone, too, and hoping all are doing well. MarkDavid, AmyJo, Foxy, etc. etc. EVERYONE. 

    I'll still pop in from time to time.

    Maybe no news here is good news!! We can hope.

  • Jan4you
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    From near and far, no matter

    From near and far, no matter what the category of disease,

    WE love and care for you, Annie so don't forget it. 


    WE are as close as your breath, heart to heart, spirit to spirit

    Sending you Healing hugs,