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need positive thoughts after 15 years

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Hi everyone,


I  am 15 years out from my stage 3 rectal cancer diagnosis.  I have had 15 inpatient hospitalizations and am now getting ready for my 16 th.

I have a hole in my cecum and need to have surgery on 11/12.   I am not looking forward to more surgery yet thankful that I have remained cancer free.

My youngest son was 14 when i was diagnosed--he is now 30 and recently engaged.  I am also the proud grandmother to 6 grandchildren.  Just looking for positive vibes.  I used to be a frequent poster on this site.


Thanks for listening.   Maureen

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   Sorry to hear that you need to have another op but relieved to hear to are still cancer free. Good luck with the operation . I hope there are no more . Like you I am still having post cancer problems but have remained ca free now for nearly 21 years ex st3c colon cancer. Hugs ron.

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So sorry to hear that you are going to need anaother surgery! Will they be able to repair laparoscopically or do are they going to open? How much of cecum are they removing? Pardon my nosiness but I had most of y cecum and terminal ileum resected  via lap and its was not bad at all. Hoping you breeze through , best of luck!!

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Sometimes it sure seems like the treatments were worse than the cancer! After 10 years, I'm still suffering from all the effects of treatments, too, assuming that's what's causing your recent problem. I can only imagine it's from the radiation. That ate through my body, too, though not quite as badly. I'm sending all kinds of positive vibes for a successful surgery and a quick recovery.



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Thank you so much for the update.  Yes you were a regular contributor on here and remember you.  I'm sorry to hear once again you are going through more surgery, but relieved to hear you are still not on that rollercoaster.  Praying that all your doctors, nurses and attendants provide you with the ultimate care and your healing is speedy.  Please let us know how the surgery went.  Praying for a complete success.


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My name is Peter and it's been a little more than 2 weeks since I got my diagnosis of colon cancer. I mention this because for me to hear from soemone whose made it 15 years gives me great hope. Of course I'm so sorry for your pain and for having to enndure another surgery, but I hope you'll sail through it and feel better for it once you've healed. Sending good thoughts your way and wishing you a speedy and full recovery ~ Peter

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Maureen, you've been doing awesome, thank you for sharing! I hope this new surgery works well and you're back on track.


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Best wishes on your upcoming surgery.  With all the struggles you faced the last 15 years, you'll get through this too just fine.  You got this.

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