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84 month check up

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was diagnosed with prostate cancer in november 2011    gleason 9    had radiation and hormone treatments  


since then my psa has gradually risen to now being 2.49

<0.05 0.31 0.63 0.79 1.00    5/23/13  to 2/3 15

1.36 1.89 1.52 1.62 1.88 1.90 2.49 from 12/1 15 to 10/1/2018


how concerned should I be


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From your shared PSA histology, using the PSA result of 0.79 in Oct 2014 to today's PSA=2.49 Oct 2018 we can calculate your doubling time as being approximately 29 months. This regards an indolent slow growing bandit. However, we know that you were diagnosed with a Gs9 and that your treatment involved adjuvant ADT, which influence should be firstly checked to verify if your testosterone has returned to normal levels by 2014. Have you done any testosterone test?

Though, if we use your following result of 1.36 in your second lot of results (thinking that it is from Apr 2015) then the PSAdt becomes longer at 49 months which makes me think that you can wait a little longer till the PSA reaches 5.0 ng/ml which is a threshold used in IADT approaches for restarting hormonal treatment. You should get the opinion from your doctor who is following your PCa case considering any other illness you may have and your present age (75 ?).

Here is the link to your story;




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thanks for the info

Old Salt
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For providing the link to patient's prior history. Now that I have read that, I second the idea of restarting hormone therapy and suggest that shadowman has a serious discussion with his medical team and family (if appropriate) about when to start such therapy. 

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