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I am writing on behalf of my boyfriends mum. Unfortunately she has stage 4 lung cancer which has now spread to her gallbladder and bones. She has just finished her first round of chemo. I need to also point out at this point that his mum is also a twice breast cancer survivor. This new lung cancer is primary and not connected to the previous 2 breast cancers. Before she started her chemo the hospital tried 'immunotherapy' on her as an alternative kind of treatment. Unfortunately, the immunotherapy was not woking quickly enough as the cancer was spreading so after only having one immunotherapy session they took her off it and switched her onto chemo asap. The chemo has paused the cancer in terms of its maintained and it has not grown to other places. However, once the chemo wears off we have been warned that she will decline quickly. At the moment there is no further plan for more chemo. The doctors want to scan her in a month to see if there are any changes. Essentially they basically have told us that survival rate is up to 2 years and it feels a bit like they are saying there is nothing else we can do so go and enjoy the next few years of your life as those will sadly be your last. We  have been reading and hearing a-lot about The Hallwang clinic in Germany where they have their own bespoke immunotherapy treatment. It has been in the media a-lot due to the ex Emmerdale actress 'Leah Bracknell' having apparently gone there for pioneering treatment to help fight her cancer diagnosis. Online there are a so many mixed reviews on whether this place is genuine or a scam. They require 80% of the £80,000 fee it will cost upfront and then to pay the remaining 20% upon arrival. That to me seems odd and it definitely has rung a few alarm bells. They want to start her on their own immunotherapy drug and a bespoke personalised immunotherapy drug that is created using a persons own DNA. Has anyone had any experience with The Hallwang clinic in Germany or know of anybody that has been there for treatment? Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Ana


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    I also ran into this clinic

    I also ran into this clinic. Did you go there? Is it worth it?

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    How's she feeling now? I was

    How's she feeling now? I was also referred to this clinic, but considering the fact that they require an 80%prepayment, it doesn't look safe at all!