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Going for my 2 year CT tomorrow. Anxious and not sure what to expect. Hope all goes well. Sept 2016 partial neph right kidney stage 1A 

grade 2 clear cell.


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    Expect the best.


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    Best thoughts only

    from my experience scanxiety is fear of the unknown, and will immediately go away when you hear or read results. 

    So, swallow hard, breathe deep, exhale, and stop thinking what if and get physically busy or indulge in the stupid mindless games on your I Pad or computer!

    time will eventually go by, and you will find out! 

    We all have this process... and hopefully better speaking people here will chime in with what they do to calm the anxiety.  Me?  Those stupid games or marathon sessions of HULU 

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    With your path report the scans are mostly just CYA



    With your path  report the scans are mostly just CYA




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    The anxiey sucks but I'm sure

    The anxiey sucks but I'm sure you'll get good news. Let us know as soon as you hear!

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    Good luck

    Think good thoughts andy  





    Hope all goes well-June




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    I'm sure you are in the middle of your scans.  I hope you were able to find peace yesterday and this morning.  I'm over two years out with annual scans.  I hope this anxiousness eventually goes away.

    Looking for good news from you!


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    opening the champagne


    y will do great