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Conflicting pathology

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A couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed with endometrial carcinoma, at least Grade 1 via D&C at a local hospital. I went to Johns Hopkins for a second opinion. They requested my slides from the local hospital to perform their own biopsy. I received the results. They are somewhat conflicting. The Hopkins Pathology report said they can’t unequivocally diagnose endometrial carcinoma, but the hyperplasia is somewhat higher than what is allowable for hyperplasia. Treatment is the same - hysterectomy, which for me is devastating. I’m 37 and we’d been trying for a baby. Obviously my focus has had to shift to survival. I guess the question is: Has anyone else received somewhat conflicting pathology reports? And all things considered, is it better to have the hyperplasia bordering carcinoma? Of course, by better I mean in terms of treatment, invasiveness, etc...

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Pathology reports prior to hysterectomy can only tell so much and serve the purpose of needing to proceed with hystectomy or not. I'm so sorry that you are facing this at such a young age and while trying to get pregnant! In any case, it's not unusual for different labs to get slightly different results. My gyn-onc sent my hystectomy tissue to three different labs (local, Mass Gen, and Clevelend Clinic) before he felt satisfied with the final report. It sounds like you are catching this cancer very early, so I celebrate that with you, just wish you had your family first. As for is one better than the other as regards treatment? I don't know, for myself where I am now, I'm big at throwing the kitchen sink at this cancer so that it never, ever comes back.

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I'm really sorry you are going through this, and especially at your age and stage of life.  

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Thank you, ladies! My surgery is scheduled for Nov 7th so I guess I’ll be playing the waiting game til then...

i hope everyone else is well!

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I remember my gyn's office telling me I had Grade 3, but there weren't much details.  When I went to my gyn onc he said he didn't trust anyone but his own pathologist. Of course, after his pathologists reveiw, it gave me more information.  

I am so sorry to hear that at 37 you are facing a hysterectomy, and your choice to try and have children has been taken from you.  Hugs dear one.

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Im glad you have your hysterectomy date.


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Me too! The waiting is terrible, but it will be here soon enough.

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Will they do a total hysterectomy, or leave your ovaries, so that you could do in vitro and a surrogate for having children?

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The hope is to keep at least one ovary so that I don’t go into surgical menopause. It will depend on pathology during surgery. In terms of surrogacy, it’s just not something we’re interested in pursuing. I know that some choose to go that route, but we decided that was not for us...

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the review of the slides is towards the positive side. If you have mostly hyperplasia, at least it did not reach the invasive stage and your prognosis would be excellent. Leaving one ovary is a personal decision. Of course you are young and that changes your perspective.
At 60 I wanted everything out  in spite of my ovaries being clear. You could always remove your remaining ovary in the future.
Good luck!

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Yes, thank you - good advice! I was going to ask my doc about removing the ovary at menopause...

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