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Open radical nephrectomy - right kidney

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I haven’t had UTI in years but a painful UTI with horrific pressure to urinate and nothing coming out got me to the Er on 9-7-18.  I’m a 53 yr old mother of 2 and am a type 2 diabetic as of 10 yrs ago.  While waiting for ER Dr I managed to obtain a urine sample.  Dr came in and prescribed a stronger Rx and wanted to check to see if I had kidney stones because I had blood in the urine.  I Had a CT scan done and 10 minutes later the dr came in and told me I had a large mass on my right kidney and that I had kidney cancer.  Had CT with contrast and blood work done 2 wks later and met with surgeon 9-28-18.  I had open radical nephrectomy and a 10.5 x 10 x 7.5cm sized tumor and right kidney was removed on 10-5-18.  I am currently 2 weeks post-op but only 10 days post hospital discharge.



Staged at pT3a  pNX.  I Don’t have appt with oncologist until 11-16-18.  Why so far out and what are possible Tx options?  I have pain in right side of stomach and pelvic area is major tender to touch and hurts even more so when I poop. Typical post-op symptoms?  Also trying to understand how I’ve had absolutely no pain except the UTI that got me to ER.

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Not sure if this helps, but I had a 21 cm tumor, the size of a football and had no recognizable symtoms.  I was lifting a ton at the time and walking my dog daily.  I started getting short of breath and a little weaker over a 6 month periord, but no pain or anything else that would have said I had cancer.  Wasn't until I broke a rib in the gym due to the size of the tumor and then found a lump in my abdomin.  

Hope you get good news when you go back to the doc.  

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It does help - at least I know I’m not alone. what kind of Tx plan did you do after surgery?  What did they stage your tumor at?  

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I actually didn't have any treatment plan afterwards.  They were confident the removed it all as they said it was "encapsulated".  All they did with me at the time was surgery then scans 3 months after surgery, then 3 months after that, tthen every 6 months...once I hit 2 years, it was yearly scans until I hit 5 years.  My 6 year scan was supposed to switch to an Ultrasound for the 6 year mark...I ended up going to the docs for pnemonia before the scans and found I had a recurrance with mets to my adrenal gland and lungs.  So now, I have more scans for Nov and then some sort of treatment to follow.  My tumor was staged at 2 due to the size.  They said it was very rare for the size of tumor I had for it not to have spread.  Now they said it was rare for it to come back after 6 years!  I think I've still won the prize for biggest tumor :) 

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Post-op poop hurts. Post-op gas hurts. Post-op hurts. Give it a while. It gets better.

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Man I agree -  belching, passing gas and going #2 is quite painful,at times. 

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You are not yet healed from the surgery. It took me 6 weeks to get back to a slow normal and 11 months to water ski. Take it 1 day at a time.




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Most of us have our renal masses discovered secondary to something else. Kidney stones were the reason for the ultrasound and follow up CT for me (that discovered the interloper on my kidney). No pain, exactly. Never would've thought I had something else lurking in there.

It took me about the same amount of time to follow up with my oncologist after surgery. While you're recovering from being slit open, your innards shoved all around, your RCC taken out, your innards all shoved back in place, and being fastened back together -- it makes sense to have pain, unfortunately. It's your body's way of saying, "I'm still busy HEALING here, OK?"

Hang in there -- !

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You just had major surgery, open at that. Give it a few weeks to start feeling better. 

Mine was slightly smaller than yours. I had no indication until I had bloody urine and difficulty urinating. They admitted me that afternoon and took my kidney out the next day. I was back to work in six weeks, but didn't really feel healed for quite some time after that.

Hang in there. It will get better. 

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HI, I'm a woman, 65, who had a stage 1 tumor in my right kidney, removed via partial nephrectomy 3 1/2 years ago. Just had my annual scan and it came back clear. YAY. Question: when I looked at the accompanying urine/blood work online, it showed 50 EYR/ul --which my online Dr. Googling shows to be an abnormal amount of red blood cells in the urine (microscopic hematuria). I tried to call my doc but I think he'd left early for the weekend. I know he's told me the scarring/healing on the kidney he took a bite out of is continuing its healing process, that the scar tissue continues to decrease each year, on par with what he expects. Does anyone know if the presence of microscopic hematuria is normal during this process? Or something I should be concerned about? I'm sure I'll hear something back from him when he's back next week but in the meantime I'm trying not to obsess. Thanks for any insight.

** This is my first post here and i apologize that it looks like I put this on the wrong thread.

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CBoone75 mine was larger than a football too, no symptoms just a slight pain on my right side, thought it was gas pains lol. I too get scanned every 3 month, but after 2 years 3 months they just found a lesion on my liver. ****!!!!  So continune every three months as directed, I thought I was in the clear.  I have my oncology appt on Monday the 29th to see what my plan of action is. Does anyone have any idea? I’m scared again and not very happy about this new outcom!

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