Well, it's that time of the year

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Going to NY tomorrow for my 4.5 year check up. US, CT, and blood work on Thursday and meeting with onc on Friday. Please wish me luck and a nice visit from Uncle NED. I'm really nervous. Love you all, Andi xo


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    New York. New York.

    Andi,  Sending good Karma and arranging for Uncle Ned to come back to Florida with you.



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    Hoping the best for you! 

    Hoping the best for you! 

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    I've got....

    a good feeling about your scans.  Wishing you only the best!


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    Thank you so much! I hate

    Thank you so much! I hate this scanxiety. Especially since those two lung nodules they found last year that we're supposed to be monitoring. Hope they went away or at least stayed the same size. Kind of worried over those. 

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    All the best to you Apny

    The  stress of the scans is awful. I totally agree.

    Wishing you lots of good luck!


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    Can understand the stress

    Can't help to relieve the stress but sending positive thoughts. However if you can schedule some downtime to relieve some anxiety it will be gorgeous weather here in the NE. It went from 80 degrees 90 percent humidity to 50 degrees and no humidity overnight.IMHO it's the best time of year especially visiting NYC. You can't go wrong on anything outdoors this week. Good luck.

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    Best of luck

    For a visit filled with NED. Feeling a little anxious myself as I write this knowing that I too will Be in your place in a few months.  I guess that's part of the journey. Fall has really shown itself this week in NYC.  Dress warmly and enjoy the brisk fall air.  June

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    Thank you for good wishes.

    Thank you for good wishes. And yes, looking forward to some cool weather after a sweltering summer in Florida. I'm from NY so it's always nice to go back except for tests, lol. I really appreciate the good wishes and support! 

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    Best wishes for a boring

    Best wishes for a boring appointment, but a great time in New York.  May Uncle NED and all his relatives move in with you on a permanent basis.

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    Sending you best wishes ApnyI

    Sending you best wishes Apny
    I've got a feeling that uncle NED is going to knock the door


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    Good luck on your scans.

    Good luck on your scans. Hoping for the best.

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    Wish you a very boring report

    Wish you a very boring report Apny! Just prepare for Uncle NED's visit!

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    Thank you so much everyone.

    Thank you so much everyone. This group is so great and I love you all! If I get a NED visit I'm kicking his butt out asap to visit all of you. Love to all Kiss

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    Hi Apny,

    Hi Apny,


    you have no way to avoid Uncle Ned's visit. He is an extremely stubborn and persistnet guest, and now he wants to visit your household :-) 

    Good luck!


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    Take two

    Take two number 2 pencils and a sharpener -- and know you'll always do fine on your tests. Hope your visit with the oncologist went well today and you get some enjoy-the-City time in. I think Uncle Ned likes to nosh on bagels, lox, and a schmear when in NYC, but being a foodie, he enjoys just about any good food. Hugs all around --