Hello everyone, just came home from the oncologist, and my wife’s CEA and CA-19 have gone up.  The doctor feels the chemo’s are not longer working and is now putting her on Lonsurf.  Just wondering if anyone has any advise as to what to expect.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




  • Joan M
    Joan M Member Posts: 409
    Sorry to hear the chemo isn't working

    I don't have any advice about Lonsurf, I am still on Folfiri which seems to be working to shrink the tumors in my lungs and liver.  I am trying to get on an immunotherapy trial due to side effects from the folfiri. 

    Has your wife checked into any clinical trials?  Is she eligible for any immunotherapies?  

    I hope the Lonsurf helps her.  I think others on here know more about how it works or side effects.