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Hi, my name's Bobby. I just wanted to say hey for now but; was diagnosed stage 3 Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2015 and finished chemo October 2016.

Am now suffering from swollen lymph nodes in various parts of my body which is what brought me here. I look forward to meeting you all!


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I'm working on double hit NHL. Getting ready for Stem Cell Transplant in Dec. This is a good place to be. If you like talking in real time check out the chatroom. It's not cancer specific but many people to chat with that can relate to the challenges. You can even get a great shoulder to cry on there. Sometimes there's  a lot of people there and sometimes there isn't. A lot of morning and early afternoon people.  Some evenings. On these boards you can get more specific opinions thru experience. Lots of very good people here. 



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Hi, thanks so much for the warm welcome!


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I wish to tell you welcome as well, Bobby.

It is not too clear from your brief post what your cancer status is.  How exactly do you know that you have enlarged nodes all over ? Have you had a scan indicating this ? Have you been re-biopsied ?  Sharing these facts can help the folks here better respond to your needs,


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I haven't had a biopsy but almost all of my lymphatic system is inflamed.

My doctor has felt the lymph nodes but having survived stage 3 , swollen lymph nodes; especially very badly inflamed like mine arent hard to discern.

I'm seeing an oncologist next week. Besides inflamed lymph nodes in armpits etc he also found a lump in my armpit, and a lymph node in my abdomen.

Sorry for not posting more I just wanted to give a brief hello/ description. But I'm looking forward to some feedback so I'll make a better post concerning what I'm dealing with.


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