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Waiting on biopsy results

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Hi, everyone. I'm 53 and hadn't had a period in 2.5 years. Started bleeding last Monday--thought I had a UTI; bleeding got much heavier on Wednesday, so I went to the ER thinking it was a kidney stone. They did a no contrast CT which showed no masses anywhere, then determined I was bleeding vaginalky. Saw my gun on Friday. He did a biopsy, and had difficulty getting in because my cervix was tight ? Said my uterus was enlarged. Now I'm waiting ion the biopsy. Still bleeding bright red blood, btw. My gut feeling is I'm going to need a hysterectomy either for precancerous or cancerous cells. I'm freaking out a little and my family is terrified so I really can't talk to them. Hoping to have results by Wednesday. I'd just appreciate hearing from anyone with similar experiences. 

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I‘m so angry that they still do those endometrial biopsies on post menopausal women!  They hurt like hell and rarely do they get enough tissue to tell you anything.  Don’t be surprised if it’s inconclusive.  Next step for me was a tranvaginal ultrasound and a D&C.  That will give you more info.  But if there’s any indication of cancer on your biopsy, I’d suggest going to a Gyn/oncologist for further testing  


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My doctor said he’d refer me if there were cancerous cells. I was wondering if it would be inconclusive because he had so much trouble getting into the uterus. I had a CT because I thought I had a kidney stone—would they still do the ultrasound?

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Lisa, I am sorry you are going through this not knowing. Remember that uterine cancer is very treatable. The treatment is difficult but doable.  You will likely experience anxiety, fear, hope, and anger....all normal. There are many women on this discussion board who will answer as many questions as you have based on our own journey through diagnosis and if you do have cancer- the treatment and recovery phase. A lot of us didn‘t want to burden our familes with our fears for a wide variety of reason. But as time goes on you will learn who is or are your best supporters. There is probably an only 10% chance you have cancer.  

I agree with CheeseQueen about the biopsy. My ultrasound was normal but my cancer was diagnosed by biopsy. I would go right to a D&C.  Bypass the antiquated ultasound. Bleeding vaginally can be from things other than cancer but typically if one has gone through menopause the physicians first want to rule out some type of gynecolovocal cancer. 

I just hate to think of how anxiety provoking this whole thing is. I wish that physicians would fast track the diagnostic testing to one day for post menopausal women. They could do these diagnostics much sooner than they do. 

Keep posting as you can. We are here for you....you are not alone in facing whatever the biopsy concludes. Others will respond to you post in the coming days. 



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my gyn had tried to start this whole thing with an endometrial biopsy - after an attempt or two she threw in the towel, said she wasn't going to charge me and send me for a D&C.  I am glad for many reasons, including knowing what I know now.

LisaA, if the biopsy comes back negative, ASK/DEMAND a D&C.  If that turns up nothing - great!  If the biopsy or D&C come back with something suspicious, ask for a gynecologic oncologist. You want to work with a specialist - not a gynecologist. 

It is scary, but try to take a breath.  

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Kathy G.
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Hi Lisa!

I was 54 and 2 years post menopausal when I began seeing blood in my urine. I also thought it was a UTI bc I had a long history of them. However the bleeding became clotty so I went in for an exam. My gyno did an office biopsy with no trouble. He called a few days later telling me I had grade 1 cancer (didn't even know what that meant) and referred me to a gyn/onc.


I was one of the lucky ones. After my hysterectomy I was diagnosed with stage 1 and grade 1 was confirmed. I required no further treatment. I am now 5+ years out.

I don't wish this experience on anyone. It is terrifying! But I can tell you it changed my life. I retired 2 years after my diagnosis from a very high stress career. I had weight loss surgery and lost well over 100 pounds...my obesity probably contributed to my cancer. And I renewed my belief in God as I knew he carried me through...

Just bear in mind IF it is cancer that it is NOT the death sentence it used to be. It is very treatable.

Best of luck!


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thank you, everyone. Still waiting on a call from the doctor. Hopefully tomorrow!

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My story is very similar to many of the others. First thought urinary tract infection. Finally went to gyno who did an internal ultrasound that showed thickening and she already highly suspected cancer. Couldn’t get cervical biopsy, too closed off, so I had d+c which confirmed cancer. Push hard for d+c. As others have said endometrial biopsy often does not get enough and is very painful.

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My doctor called today.  He said I have complex atypical hyperplasia. He said in 25% of the cases like mine there is already cancer present.  75% is precancerous.  I am going to be scheduled for a d&c and hysterocopy as soon as possible.  ONce the pathology is back my own doctor will do a hysterectomy or if there is cancer refer me to a gynecological oncoloogist for the hysterectomy.  So, I know something's up by I still don't know what. i think I'm in shock.  It's not real yet. 

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It would be worth asking if the gyn onc should doing the surgery regardless. My D & C showed only complex hyperplasia with atypia, and yet my gyn immediately referred me to gyn onc for my hysterectomy. I was glad because it turned out, at surgery, that I did have cancer already. Even the D & C can miss it. But the proper surgery was done the first time because I had been referred. Hopefully you have caught it at the precancer stage ... indeed the chances are best that you have! But you don't know until post op.

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I am sorry to hear that you are going through all this. It sounds like you know what your doctor is planning.  We’ll be thinking of you as you proceed with D&C and hysterscopy. You will soon know definitively whether you have cancer or not and what the plan is. This is a hard thing to deal with but you will get through it one day at a time. 

In the mean time try to do something nice for yourself if you can. Self care is so important especially since you are going to have a hysterectomy regardless of whether you actually have cancer or not. Remind yourself that you are a strong woman and have resiliency required to get through surgery and recovery. 

I will keep you in my prayers.


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