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My husband was recently put on Immunotherapy. What can we expect?

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My husband was recently put on a combination infusion of two different types of immunotherapy (Yervoy and Opdivo) for Stage 4 kidney cancer.  We've read all of the documents that the doctors gave us, but a lot is still unknown.  Is anyone else on this treatment?  If so, how long have you been on it, and do you have any suggestions?



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A great place for quicker responses from folks with a lot of information is smartpatients.com. That is a good site with a wealth of info and answers to your questions. 

I'm stage 4 but I'm on oral chemo, Cabometyx. What type of kidney cancer does he have? Again, your best bet for CURRENT and GOOD info is the smart patients site. Good luck!!

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Thanks JoeyZ,  

My husband has the most common form of RCC.  He had his entire right kidney removed, and 1/4 of his left.  His kidney is still functioning, but the cancer has now spread to his lungs and adrenal glands.  The nodules are still very small.  He was on Sutent for more than a year, but it was determined that the nodules grew slightly and he had his first immunotherapy two weeks later.  It's still a very serious situation, but we're hopeful that this will work, as it's now considered the first line of treatment.

Thank you for your help!


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Check my details on my profile page - click on the photo.

My experience with Ipi/Nivo was as good as I could have possibly hoped for.  I hope you two have a similar outcome.

Best Wishes


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Your husbands diagnosis sounds similar to mine.  I lost my entire Right Kidney and 6 years later my RCC returned with mets to the Left adrenal gland and lungs.  I've yet to start anything but they are talkign about opdivio soon.  Hoping for the best with your husband.

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I startrd Opdivo in Aug. I only had two treatments, but so far, so good. Side effects are very little and I hope this works for me. I'm being treated at City of Hope In California. 2018 is so much better than 2006 when I was diagnosed. Good luck to your husband and keep your lives as normal as possible.

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