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Dad diagnosed with clear cell RCC pT1a grade 1. Experience? Advice? Anything.

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My Dad (64yr) is diagnosed with RCC clear cell, PT1a grade 1. He went through partial nephrectomy one week ago. Any survivors? Any advice? I am worried sick.

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Try not to worry too much. That is very small and the partial neph should take care of it. It quite likely will not return. He should be fine, but have regular check ups.

It sounds like it was caught very early on and that is very, very good. If you have more specific questions, maybe we could ease your mind more. Being that small, and they likely got it all, he probably won't need any further treatment. I didn't get that lucky, but I'm thinking your Dad is.

That's your DAD, of course you're worried. But try to ease your mind knowing it was very small, and taken out early. I personally think he'll be just fine now!! All the best to you all.

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Don't worry, surgery is the best treatment for RCC that is that small as hasn't spread.  Just make sure that he goes to his doctor for his regular appointments.  Make sure that he doesn't miss any.

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Your dad is welcome to the club, which no one in their right mind would volunteer to join. I joined over 16 years ago and am now 75 years young, I assume with a partial the little buggar was on the smaller size. My doctor is pretty firm that I will die of something else. He should be ok. It took me 11 months at a young 60 to get back on water skis.



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Stage one, grade one is the best we can hope for. Don't worry, the worst part is gone. He'll be fine

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only one advise - don't worry and tell dad not to worry! All will be fine.

My husband was Stage 1 Grade 1, surgery 4 years ago. His doc during our first appointment was very surprised that I was worried :-)  Obviously kidney cancer at this stage/grade is not the cause for a huge concern. The word "cancer" is more scarier than the actual thing with such diagnosis.

But as other have said - do not miss follow-ups!


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All of you, mostly your dad, need time to process the mental aspect of having HAD a cancer diagnosis.  Be patient with yourselves because it takes some time to adjust.  As others have said stage 1 grade 1 is as good as it can be.  You will all eventually rejoice, but in the meantime it is scary to be told you have cancer.   It is hard to relax and feel good because there was no warning.  It's hard to not worry about the future but it does get better in time.  

Make sure to do all followups.

Dont read old information or statistics online.  (My husband was diagnosed in 2012 and everything has even changed since then).

Make sure!!!!!!  your dad obtains copies of his scans, pathology report, lab work, operative report.  Every time he undergoes any follow up,  he needs to read the reports himself and ask questions.  (It continues to amaze me what doctors fail to discuss from these reports).  With the reports, you can ask the right questions of what you dont understand.

Best wishes to you, your dad, and entire family.  You are all so blessed to have found it early.  You may not see how fortunate you are right now, but in time you will.   Just feel what you feel, and know it will get better and not so scary.

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I was also pT1a with a 2.8cm little bugger and am fine after 4 years.  This is pretty much the best outcome anyone with cancer can hope for.  Caught early, treated early.

- Jason

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I understand your concerns but as the others are telling you, the outlook is not all doom and gloom, so try not to worry so much.

My own story is similar to your father's.  I was  61 when first diagnosed and had a total nephrectomy.  It came back within about 2 years but they were able to deal with that as well using immunotherapy.  Check my story on my profile page.

Best wishes to you and you father,


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