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incision site leaking in rectum

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Hey There !!

i had stage 3 rectal cancer , done radiation ,chemo, had surgery . the incision area in rectum did not heal fully due to what i was told soft tissue from radiation and now scar tissue so area will not close completly 

 doctor  had me do  3 Barium enema test  over a period of year  to see if it would heal on its own ! Nope  so we done another surgical procedure doctor used what i will call a Glue on the inscision the area of leak it held for about 11 months now i have a infection belive i have a leak , glue must have failed , on antibiotics  saw doctor yesterday have mri with contrast next week to see if antibiotics have worked  and to compare with last one to see if infection has receded . infection  nonspecific presacral soft tissue infection 

What can i do now !! Help 

doctor is concerned that this area is delicate due too soft tissue , scar tissue , not a lot of area of rectum left large mass was removed from rectum.

Looking for some guidance , advice , has any one else had this dificulty  with surgery it is now 3 years and still having issues . But Happy to be here  

thank you


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Wow, that sounds horrible. I've never heard of that, sorry. My incision had an infection tunnel under it and the hole was quite big. I had to go to the clinic and have it dressed every couple of days. They'd pack it and use coloidal silver in to encourage healing. It healed up faster than I expected it to. I don't know if that helps at all. 

I hope they can figure something out for you and soon.


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thanks for the feedback best wishes 


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I'm sorry to hear that and there are others on this board that have had this problem.  I'm not sure what advise to give you but see if your doctor has some suggestions, if you aren't happy, maybe get a second opinion.  Wishing you luck.


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thank you 


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