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New TV Show, Old Memories

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Anybody watching the new hospital drama called New Amsterdam?  Tonight an oncologist who likes to fundraise and travel for the hospital was forced to come home and see patients.  In her office was a woman who had a random few strands of hair left, who had to be told her chemo wasn't working and they were going to start something new.  And I sat right on my sofa where my hair fell out in long stringy strands last July, and cried my head off watching this pitiful situation.  I said to my husband, "I was just there last year! That was me!  I hardly remember it.  It hardly seems real.  It seems too bad to have actually happened, but it did, didn't it?"  Of course it did.  And the reason I'm bringing it up is that it's such an amazing gift that I now have a short little sassy cut with some curls, and I'm NED (although I'm afraid to believe that too - that's the first time I wrote it out just now), and TODAY is the one-year anniversary since I finished my six rounds of chemo.  Today!  Relief, giddiness, joy, and still the feeling creeps in that maybe I dreamed the whole thing....

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I also finished my front-line treatment a year ago last week. While I'm grateful that my scans have been clear so far and I don't have any unusual pains or symptoms, I hesitate to believe that things will remain the same forever. So I really understand how you can be happy to be NED a year later and worried it won't last.

Here's hoping that both our good fortunes continue!

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That is wonderful!!! We have to celebrate these milestones. I know, though, what you mean about the treatment memories being more like a bad dream that happened to someone else. Many times when I was so sick, I just prayed to die. I'm glad I didn't but NO ONE who hasn't gone through this can possibly understand the horror we have faced.

Here's to many, many more years of NED!!!



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Congratulations!   Hugs!


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Congratulations! Every year is a blessing:)

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Thats great. Keep going forward.

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Yeah, I cried during that part too, especially because I realized how affected the oncologist was.
I am happy for your current NED and hoping for several more years of the same status.

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So happy for you, Armywife!

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Congratulations ArmyWife! I will have to watch that new series. The premise of practicing medicine without regard for payment or insurance coverage is not a reality but wouldn’t it be wonderful!

There are many things that can trigger all the memories of treatments and our arduous journey in the fight of our lives. In many respects it is like having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We don’t really know what our triggers will be ...a TV show, movie, music, or another trigger.  Totally can relate to your experience. 

Again, so very happy for you being able to dance with NED. 



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My radiation technicians were kind enough to let me wear my own bathrobe during treatment because the smell of the hospital gowns bothered me (you know that smell). Although it’s a nice bathrobe, I’m donating it because I can’t stand the sight of it. 

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I just saw this, yes I LOVE that show, pretty much my favorite right now. That episode was pretty intense. Side note, we also love Blacklist and it is nice to see the former "Tom" now playing a good and very likable Dr. On the show he now has cancer.

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Congrats Army Wife! I hit my 3 year milestone 1/28..... I continue to be grateful that I am able to celebrate my NED dance. Love the show too! And, Blacklist as well. :-)

I'm not sure we can ever feel "safe" but I can tell you that it does get easier to live with.

Dance on Lady!

Love and Hugs,


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What a wonderful milestone. Hope you did something fun to celebrate. Your success gives me hope as I am also 1a, serous, going for my 1st 3 month checkup in a week or so. 



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Congratulations to both of you! May y'all have many more years with NED ;)

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NED is sooooo wonderful!

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Thanks All!  Harmony, I miss your beautiful picture!

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