3cm mass found on left kidney

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doctor says it's cancer ....don't know what to think


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    The doctor is probably saying it appears to be cancer. For the doctor to say that the scans would indicate the liklihood of Cancer. At 3 cm it  is still small and nearly 100% curable, but too large to watch and wait. About 10 or 15 % of the time what  loks like Cancer is not after they remoove it and do a pathology. Believe it  or not you are very lucky the mass was identied so early. You should have many, many quality years of good health after this is taken care of.  You've got a lot of company on this board. I was in your position a little over 16 years ago. 




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    Stay calm

    Mine was 6 cm when first discovered, inadvertently as I had no symptoms.  That was six years ago. 

    Despite having surgery to remove the left kidney and then finding it had already metastasised, I am now completely healthy (as far as they can tell) and living a normal life.

    So don't worry too much, just make sure it gets seen to in a reasonable time-frame.

    And try to relax - easy to say, I know.


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    Take a breath...

    I know it's scary...I went through the same thing just before this past Christmas.  Mine was also about 3cm.  They got the bugger out and I"m told I've got great percentages and they call the surgery "curative".  You'll be fine - just keep up with this board.  I found it to be an invaluable resource.  Try not to do too much googling about things - that will mainly just scare the hell out of you.  Lots of outdated info out there.  This is a great group - Keep us posted and best of luck to you!  


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    I went through the same

    Mine was found incidentally and grew during a watch and wait period from 3.2cm to 4.5cm at removal (you can click on people's profiles to read about their story). I had my right kidney removed and just had my first 6 month CT yesterday and it's NED (no evidence of disease)! I'd recommend using this board, Smart Patients, and if you're on facebook there are some great groups there too. And I agree with everyone else, stay away from Dr Google it's scary to look at statistics!