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Someone knows how we feel

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Donna Faye
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Just watched A Million Little Things. Two of the characters have breast cancer - one is a male. Both are having to deal with the uncertainity cancer brings into our lives. Those 3 month checks... I am facing one on Tuesday and while I am doing water aerobics the thought flies through my mind - why am I working so hard to stay fit...will it matter? Telling myself I am not worried about Tuesday - Liar, liar , pants on fire !! The writer of this show knows someone who has lived with cancer and all the fears, doubts, and tears it brings.

I read almost all of the posts on this site. I don't always respond, but I feel a sisterhood that we cancer warriors create because we walk the walk every day - be it 5 years NED or waiting for the results of the biopsy or the scan in the first few weeks. Your words of hope and courage and wisdom help so many. It is the million little things you say that helps us carry on tomorrow.

Peace and Love

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Donna Faye, Thank you for your posting. I missed the premiere of the new ABC series but will watch on my ”smart tv” online. I have seen the trailers for the series and it looked interesting. The writers must have some first hand experience with cancer. 

The anxious thoughts that run through one’s mind never really go away...they become fewer with time but likely never really disappea. It sounds like you are taking good care of your body, mind and spirit. 

Another “sister” recently posted her request to talk on the phone to any of us that have had brachytherapy for 1B FIGO 2. I called her because I could relate to the uncertainty and angst associated with cancer and treatment decisions. I wanted to help her in some small way. We talked for more than an hour. I am not sure how much I helped her but at least maybe for that hour or so a few of “ a million little things” could be talked about with someone who has experienced brachytherapy. Actually, I benefitted too as I answered her questions and reflected on my own journey of fighting uterine cancer. 

Thank you Donna Faye for sharing your thoughts and ”A Million Little Things”. 



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Lori, I am so glad you were able to talk on the phone and help her. To me, that is what it is all about. I was left on this earth for a reason, to help someone else. That's what we can all do. I try to reach out via messages/emails when I feel like someone needs it, and am glad to see others do the same. God bless you for your compassion in action!

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Kathy G.
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I SO agree Cass!

I am not usually very active here anymore. It was hard for me to come on and read of the struggles many ladies were having with later stage & more aggressive forms of this cancer when I got off easy with only a hysterectomy.

It was even more heartbreaking to read of those who passed away after years of posting regularly with so much compassion and sharing of more useful information than google or even alot of doctors had!

And then there were the ladies who just went MIA which left me wondering if they had just moved on...or something worse.. 

But I recently realized that it didn't matter to me when I first joined here whether someone was stage 1a/grade 1 or stage 4/grade 3 in hospice. Their responses ALL made me feel like I was not alone and there was hope and experience here I couldn't find anywhere else.

So I try to be more active even if I can only offer words of encouragement.

So a shout out to Lori and everyone else who responds to the questions, thoughts, anxiety, panic and tears we have all experienced regarding this disease.


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You are all so empathetic. It really helps. I also saw the TV program. I am also aware that many ladies "disappear" after posting only a few times and I always wonder how they are keeping up?
I would advise everyone to check this forum often and letting us know how you are doing.
Blessing to all of us!

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