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rectal cancer

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I had my rectum removed. I had stage 3. I was reattached no bag; I am having alot of pain were iI was reattached bowel movements are very inconsisten. I go 2 or 3 days and sometimes twice daily. any ideas.


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When was your surgery - Recent - years?

Are you still being monitoured by your Oncologist? 

If so, my answer would be to talk this over with him/her (if you haven't already). 

Welcome to the forum that nobody wants to join. 

Others will be along soom with their ideas. 


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It would be best to tell your doctor about this.  It is to be expected to have some changes because you just underwent resection but it is better to let your docs know as it could be a lot things.  It could be an effect of the resection or it could be something else.  There's always different possibilities.

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Your situation about no bag and no rectum is what I'm going through but if you are only going 2-3 times a day you are lucky as I'm going up to 15 times a day still.  Pain is normal and it took me about 8 months after surgery to be able to sit down without it terribly hurting.  Make sure that your doctor is aware of this.  Nothing helped me internally with the pain at reconnection point but my rectum was so burned by radiation that it was hard for me to have a bowel movement without tears.  Doctor can give you some answers but some of it comes from these boards but just make sure they know.



Bill S.
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I found that an RX product called Proctofoam provided a lot of relife, both for the effect of radiation and after LAR surgery, althougth I had a stoma and pouch for 9 months after surgery.

Wish you the best

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My doctor gave that to me thinking it was a hemmrhoid and it worked a little and it controlled the bleeding that was happening, but it became so painful (didn't now that it was a rectal cancer tumor) had to have a colonoscopy.  It works well though.  Would recommend for relief anytime.  Now I've got no rectum.


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I had my reversal on July 30 and was unprepared with how difficult it would be afterwards. I went back at the Post-Op meeting to talk about it and she said that the first six weeks are awful (that's a good description) and that it can take a year to get things back to normal (that was a shock to me) and I've read elsewhere that some people take two years and some people never really improve. So things have improved somewhat but I use meds, herbs, diet and products to control things and maintain sanity.

There's a Facebook group for people with LARS and there are about 600 people to chat with that deal with the problems after the reversal. I picked up a number of tips from them before Facebook disabled my account. I do always check with my surgeon before trying something new.

As others said, it would help to have a few more details.

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