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unexplained weight loss prior to diagnosis?

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Hi everyone...

Have any of you experienced unexpected weight loss prior to diagnosis?

I was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer waaaayy back in 2002!

I have steadily lost weight over the last four months for a total of 22 pounds.

Of course I am concerned about a possible met or recurrence.

I would love you hear from you.


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Normally weight loss due to cancer would be followed by other symptoms such as fatigue, anemia, pain, or something else which is very abnormal.  I have known people however, that simply have lost a lot of weight without even trying who were perfectly heatlhy.  It does happen.  

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That's what I lost from just prior to diagnosis to leaving the hospital after my second surgery - about a 6 month span.  I went from 205 to 145.  Some of that was becuase of a change in my diet (cutting out sugars, carbs, etc. for a while), but most of it was from....well, I guess I don't really know.  It certainly wasn't from not eating since even during the hell of chemo I ate everything I could get my hands on.  I've put 20lbs back on, but I still need another 10-15.

I can't imagine it's a met or recurrence this far out.


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About five pounds per month? Unless your bathroom output has changed, I can't think of what would connect weight loss to a recurrance, without other stuff going on like a loss of appetite, or something. Get checked, have the basic blood tests ordered, and go from there. You didn't say when your last scoping was, so it might be near that time? Still could easily be nothing or a bunch of other, unrelated issues. Rooting for a good outcome..........................Dave

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True enough, it has been a long time and I am so greatful for that!  But, I had no weight loss before or after cc nor did I have it with breast cancer in 2005.  In my post I didn't mention the fatigue.  There is a nodule in my lung that is being monitored.  At last ct is was still only one but had increased in size a little.  I know that in the face of what you all are experiencing that this is really just a minor blip.  I have seen a doctor ... who wants a current scope and a new chest ct.  I shall probably know more soon.  janice


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Your weight loss doesn't sound good and it would be a good time for you to get a colonoscopy and CT scan and have some good discussions with your doctor.  Losing that much weight that fast without treatment or dieting can be an indicaton of something going on that needs to be addressed.  If you need our help we are here for you.  Wishing you luck and hoping you can find out what is causing this weight loss.


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Thank you Kim, for your advice and concern.  I will follow up when I have an answer.  janice

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