Recently Diagnosed With Stomach Cancer

Good Evening!

About two weeks ago I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I've had acid reflux since the late 1990's and have been on Omeprazole since. As long as I took it no problems. My father and grandfather both died of colon cancer. My father preached me to look everytime I went to the bathroom looking for blood. Which is my habit. Back in June of 2018 I noticed that I was having black stools. I decided not to freak out and wait and see what the next ones were like but I got sick to my stomach and had diarhhea so I didn't bother checking. I went to the hospital and they said not once but twice that I was just dehydrated. I finally went to another hospital and was told my hemoglobin was down to 6. I got two units of blood, 3 units of potassium, and some magnesium. They did an endoscopy and found a large ulcer in the fundus part of my stomach. I was released after 5 days. I finally was able to get another endoscopy on Sept. 6, 2018. The doctor told me the ulcer looked like it had never really healed at all and that he did a biopsy. On Sept 10 the report came back positive for adenocarcinoma. I was sent to a surgeon who was talking about removing my stomach. But he said he wanted me to see the Oncologist first and what she decided would be the course of action to be taken. After 2 CT scans and a PET Scan They found 4 tumors in my stomach, one tumor on the ligament that holds the stomach in place, and the pet scan showed a spot in a liver lobe. But the lungs were clear and bones and lymph nodes were clear. The Oncologist said they weren't operating because it has already spread too far. She said it is incurable but with chemo they hope to manage it, keep it in check, or shrink it. 

On Sept 25th I got my first chemo treatment. They're using Oaxliplatin and 5FU. I got the Oaxliplatin in the office and they sent me home on a 46 hour pump of 5FU. I'm not shocked that I have cancer because of the family history but I am surprised that my age is only 55. I'm nervous and scared of course. I'm not looking forward to the possible side effects that are supposed to hit next week. I already have trouble swallowing small food that will get caught in the upper part of my esophagus. It makes eating difficult trying to decide what I can eat that won't get stuck. That has been happening for a couple months now. My GF has been a rock in this beside me. She has been trying to be as positive as possible. I have my moments that are hard and break down. I have two little granddaughters because of my GF's daughter that I adore. They're almost 3 and almost 2. It breaks my heart that if and when the cancer wins they will eventually forget Pop Pop Mark.

There is one thing they're trying to do. Since my Grandfather and Father died of colon cancer they want to test me for a gene called Lynch Syndrome. If I have the Lynch Syndrome then they will stop chemo treatments and focus on using some protein that has had good results fighting cancer. I just have to get it pre authorized by the insurance company which I'm in the process of now. If I don't have the Lynch Syndrome then they will add another medicine to my 2 medicine cocktail that I'm currently getting. I'm hoping that I have the Lynch Syndrome right now.

Thanks for reading and listening!

Shades Cool