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Just a quick Thank You!

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I haven't been posting here much, but do stop and peek and read through.   I just wanted to thank everyone on this board again.   You all helped me keep it together last fall when I was diagnosed, provided support when I had surgery in January, and were there for me to share my 6 month NED results.   Thanks so much and keep helping others.   It's hard to talk to people about kidney cancer when they haven't had it as some run, some console, and some give that deer in the headlights look.  :)    Really glad to have a support team.



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----to help the newbies.





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This forum and the people have been a huge help and support for me too. 

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Being able to discuss and think about cancer as a common experience with others in the same boat helps to keep it in context, instead of being something too large and fearful to fully comprehend.

Sure it can be scary, but once you get to know it and come to terms with the realities instead of just the fears, its easier to live with, as we all do and hope to continue doing.

Must be the social part of our evolution or something.


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Over time, we tend to put everything in its proper "compartment," don't we?

Agree! Time to try and give back. You'd be surprised how very little it takes to help someone. Just one right sentence at the right time can mean everything to someone struggling so desperately hard. You never know! All the best and so glad you are doing well, Jason. Love that name, that's my only son's name!!

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