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Biopsy results

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Reviewing my situation I was one stage 1 grade 1 in Oct of 2017. Then a follow scan at 6 months radiologist thought an area in my stomach may be a metastasis. The biopsy was Friday. It went pretty well no pain or anything. Staff was very nice. The doctor took 3 samples. He told me to listen for the click sound. I stressed over the weekend but prayed a lot. So my biopsy results are back and my pelvic mass is endometriosis. There are no words to explain how happy I am. Praise God no cancer found. I will make an appointment for my endometriosis. I can try to sleep a little better at night. My scaniety is through the roof, but I hope that will ease more. Thank you for all the advice and encouragomg words. 

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You deserve a good nights sleep.  Congratulations and thanks for the update.  


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Thank you

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So glad to read this!! Now.......rest easy my friend.

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So-so glad! It proves that Stage 1 kidney cancer gives you all chances not to deal with it again. But so much stress for you...


Enjoy life! :-)

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I'm so happy its not mets! I'm sorry you have endometriosis. It is painful painfu! I'm getting a hysterectomy in December. I have that and pelvic congestion syndrome. Looking forward to getting rid of the chronic pain! Take care! 



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So happy it turned out not to be a met. Now you can relax. 

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Very happy for you!   Congrats on the results.  So nice to get a little good news once and a while.  :)

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Thanks for all the kinds words

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So glad you got some good news. You've earned a little me time to de stress.. even if it's a quiet cup favorite beverage and treat. Enjoy the good news and sending some positive thoughts to you and your love ones.

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Wow! Indeed this is great news!! Yes, please do relax, de-stress and enjoy life!

We need more good news around here.

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