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First of all I do not want to offend anyone. And respect everyones choices because there is no right or wrong. Some of the knowledge a few of these guys have certainly help alot of people. I myself with metastatic disease at 41 had to do alot of soul searching and spent alot of time to decide my decision. I've decided no more "treatment" for myself. It was a hard decision but I feel I've made the best choice for me. Do no harm does not apply to cancer. My opinion is bullshit drug after bullshit drug, yes in some cases it can extend life, some cases it will not. I'm not looking for advice nor ridicule. I'm ready for whatever comes my way, by the way I have some drs who totally understand my decision, we we'll all die from advanced pca, some earlier than others. I wish everyone well in they're journeys including they're familys. Best of luck. I have love and compassion for each and every one of you. God bless you all. 

Georges Calvez
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None of us want to be in this place, bad luck put us here, but we do have to try and do the best we can.
I am doing this for my wife who is not in the best of health and I hope that I can survive and continue to look after her.
So come on, chin up and face la merde!

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There is a lot of power in making the choice for quality of life. I wish you the very best. 

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What is this darkness that I see?

Why can’t I see through it?

When I try, it gets worse.

I keep trying, but I am not succeeding. 

What is my purpose?

Is it singular in nature or multiple with many fronts?

I keep looking for a life that I cannot find.

I love; I feel; I touch, but yet I cannot find.

I have no pain yet I hurt.

I looked up and there was light.

I looked around and there is light.

In my deepest, darkness moments there is light.

We are all one with each other.

There is no more darkness; I have found the life that I could not find.


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Thank you buddy.

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Max Former Hodg...
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Your decision is reasoned and based on previous sincere attempts with current medical science.

Your choice is brave and legitimate and I respect it totally, as everyone else must do also,


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Means a lot coming from you. Thank-you. 

Georges Calvez
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I hope that everything goes well for you.

Old Salt
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If you feel you made the right decision, then IT IS THE RIGHT DECISION.

I hope you will not hesitate to find the best palliative care possible when necessary to prevent needless suffering.

Please accept my best wishes for the days to come. 

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