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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

info requested

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my dad was just diagnosed with esophageal cancer (lower esophageal - closer to stomach) 3 weeks ago. stage 4 with spot on liver. dr said heart, chest, lungs and kidneys working properly. i dont completely understand all of the terms associated with this (all of the Ts, Ls, ect) needless to say, devastation set in quickly. he just finished his 2nd chemo session yesterday. he feels good. he went to work today, and last night ate very well (a full dinner). he is being treated at sloan kettering in nj. any thoughts on how a man with stage 4 can go to work and eat full meals regularly. i am just dumbfounded that he is still doing all of these things. i pray it continues with the grace of God. PET scan taken yesterday. waiting for results of that to come back. thank you for any input, words of advice or encouragement.

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It is great to hear that your Dad is doing well physically; and there don’t seem to be any significant side effects from his chemotherapy.

One of the things that makes esophageal cancer so dangerous is that in its early stages there are very few physical symptoms. Most people end up getting diagnosed because they have unexplained weight loss, hiccups while eating, or getting something stuck in their throat while eating. By the time many patients get diagnosed, the cancer has spread to other organs, and they are Stage 4.

However, you will find many Stage 4 esophageal cancer patients, who with effective treatment, are doing well. Sloan is an excellent hospital with a good reputation for successful esophageal cancer outcomes so your Dad is in the right place to get the best treatment protocols.

The effects of chemo and radiation treatment are cumulative so he may find some typical treatment side effects as his treatment progresses, but chemotherapy effects everyone differently. Some folks have many side effects and a lucky few have very few side effects.

Wishing your Dad the best as his treatment proceeds.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams

McCormick, South Carolina

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