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Couch Surfing?

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My kids use this term when they crash at friends Dorms or apartments not the professional business. Last week we were offered free use of house for long weekend on Cape Cod with 2 other couple's. It's a 6 hour drive with sleeping for 4 beds 1 air mattress. None of us had ever been there. Before my Neph it probably was maybe or a no. Now, it's bring it on! We are all close to 60. 2 have had minor strokes, 1 had recent blood clot scare. Collectively it was as much fun we have had in so long. We can afford better arrangements for sleeping at our age, but we already planning another couch surfing location! Sending some good cheer today to all.

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Congratulations on your fun weekend!  Never stop exploring new experiences. Cheers!



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A tent in the backwoods was just fine. Being a day or 2 away from other humans (by canoe and portage) was even better).

JoJo61 knows what I am talking about.




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A real life celebration, and staying young no matter what the physical age is! This is best victory over cancer :-)

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Hoping for nice weather. when in Cape Cod you won't need to worry where you sleep since you'll be enjoying the scenery all day.

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