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Well, today is my 6th month post RP.  For the last day and night or so, I have been wearing nothing but underwear with no thin shield (please do not take that literally, I am not walking around in just my underwear).  I have been wearing gray, blue, green, underwear so that I could easily detect a leak upon visual inspection.  I have not seen or felt a leak.  I let my wife verify the results this morning, no leaks.  She gave me a hug.  As far as the ED portion goes, I am not 100 % there yet.  I stopped taking the Sildenafil (Viagra) over a month ago.  My wife and I are intimate.  In my opinion, the orgasm itself seems to last longer than before.  Maybe because it takes longer to get there or anatomically some parts are missing, probably a little of both. Anyway, just thought I would give you folks an update on this 67 year old (almost 68 year old) test tube.  Smile, I am.

Georges Calvez
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Best wishes on a fanstastic result post RP, you should be good for years yet if you manage to skip the scythe of the Grim Peaper in the shape of the number nine bus, etc :-)

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Nice one Lighterwood.

Thanks for your kind words on my thread btw.

Sounds like you are making great progress.

Top tip regarding continence when sitting on the throne - if, like me, you lost some length to Mr Softy, make sure you don't pee over the top of the seat by mistake due to the natural "at rest angle" changing! Nothing more annoying than having to mop up after, expecially if you hit your ******* trousers!! :)


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Posts: 294
Joined: Feb 2018

I am very much aware of where my "doodadder" is when peeing.  I realize it is not where it used to be if I am sitting on the throne.  In any case, good advice.  Sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from crying.  Smile, I am.

Georges Calvez
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Joined: Sep 2018

After my RP I found Mr Softy was Mr Short and Stiffy so he used to stick out a few centimetres at right angles and had to be depressed and watched carefully, standing up was worse as he used to spray at all angles. Months later he is back to normal relaxed length and is soft again so no problems sitting or standing.

Old Salt
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Nice outcome, so far! Keep it up (in more ways than one)...

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Posts: 294
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And we are learning a lot from you.  We are just trying to pick up all the pointers that we can (no pun inteneded).  Smile, I am.

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lighterwood congratulations and you have given me some encouragement as I try to gain control. I have to ask, did you have a period of time where you could not pee no matter how long you tried?  I am on timed trips to the bathroom, 2 hours. Most of the time nothing and when my bladder is full I leak all the way to the bathroom. Unless I pinch off my Mr. Soft Shorty my toilet trips aren’t very productive and pad wasteful. I’m 3 weeks post surgery. 

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Posts: 294
Joined: Feb 2018

I had a moment on my couch laying down, probably at the 2 to 3 months point, when everything felt normal (no sensation of having to urinate).  At first I thought something was wrong, but from that moment on everything got better.  As time went on, I tried, while standing to interrupt the flow.  I was able to interrupt the flow and restart.  I was able to do that a good bit.  I kind of liked that because it gave me a feeling that I was in control and that I was getting better.  I think folks should try that flow interruption as soon as they can.  I was healing and the body was relearning how to function without some original parts.  To answer your question, I have not had a period of time when I could not urinate.  When I was at 3 weeks post surgery, if you looked at me hard I would probably pee in my pants.  Hope this helps. Good luck on your jouney

Georges Calvez
Posts: 532
Joined: Sep 2018

I never had a time when I did not have some control though it was very little in the first two weeks or so.
If I sat at my desk I did not leak but coughing, getting up, everything would send a hot squirt into the pull ups.
I could get into the car, leak, hard brake, leak, get out, leak, walk, drops.
I could pee but it would sort of dribble out.
At night I would fill up while lying down and then get up and go while sitting, pissing on the floor if I did not push down on my 2 - 3 cm penis, he was still hiding from the urologist!
After about a couple of months it was more than 70% in the toilet.
I had an induction period of several weeks when nothing much changed then there was a time whn I made almost weekly strides then now at the end I am back on a slow change, weeks to go from less than 20 g per 24 hours to less than 10g per 24 hours.
I could get away with nothing at night now and a very light pad in the day but I am still erring on the side of caution.

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Congratulation on the fact without pads. I also smile.Wink

Best to you both.


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Max Former Hodg...
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Thanks for sharing the good results, Lighter.

PS to all:  a guy at Lymphoma asked, because of my photo, if I feel like a Godfather.

I told him "no, I just like pizza, wine, Ferraris, and Sophia Loren.


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Good results are great to hear. I'm just over a year and have gone from tsunami to occasional drizzle. I wear a light pad during the day(Some stress incontinence) and 1 at night (to be safe)

 Still pee a lot but I'm retired and have plenty of time for it. No sign of any elevated PSA but entering the scary period of a couple weeks before the next test. After each test the doc says "Looking good,thus far" so I have come to hate the term "thus far". Given possible alternative outcomes I won't complain (much) 

Kegels have become a regular daily task . A session before every meal. It gives me something to do.

It's been quite a year and I learned a lot. Many thatnks to this place and the people here.


Thanks for the good news and the always helpful posts.

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