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Nutrients deficiency question.

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I have some question to people with similar problems. Did your oncologyst check your nutrient deficiency during routine blood test. To our big surprice oncologyst in John Hopkins (Maryland, Baltimore) where my sister get her treatment don't chek it. She was lack of vitamin D, less than 13 ng/ml and they never checked it and told her or it's not consern of oncologyst, patient should care of it?????? .  But how body supposed to fight cancer if immune system does not work properly????FrownFrown Frown 



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I think it is a very relevant question.  I had to keep bugging them to get my D levels checked.  Asking once was not enough.  My doctors seem to ignore nutrition entirely.  They do not offer or even seem aware of tests for nutritional deficiencies.  

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I asked and he ordered it and it was low. I took supplements and it improved though I don't know where it is today. I found out about Vitamin D3 from the forums.

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Why aren't oncologists concerned with nutritional deficiencies I wonder. I had most of my terminal ileum removed--the main site in the body where B-12 is absorbed and tried to broach the subject with Doc and he doesn't give any merit to supplements, diet, etc. So I just do it on my own.  As usual with any illness you have to be your own advocate . 

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I take vitamin B12, D, and C every day. Just before I ended upin the hospital I got a bottle of magnesium because I'd read somegood things about it. When I was in the hospital they said my magnesium was down and gave me some by IV. So I started taking it every day at home.

Please don't ask me why I started it, I can't remember what it's supposed to do.


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I take magnesium to help with vitamin D absorbtion.

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If you are on an Egfr inhibitor (Erbitux), it can leech Magnesium from your system.  I take a supplement too. 

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