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had my hernia robotically repaired yesterday. I hurt like hell, but the bump is gone! Soon, I’ll be back to being active. the surgery was actually more complicated then he thought and took twice as long. He spotted another spot that was about to pop and fixed that too. 2 for 1 sale, I guess. I hope everyone is doing well.

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Speedy recovery to you!


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--- is enough. Sorry for the extras.






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Yikes! Feel better soon! I'm having surgery in december. Robotic lap. For my hysterectomy. 2 surgeries in one year... Woo hoo! Haha.

Take care and hope you have a quick recovery! 


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Take care

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Good to get rid of things like this hope you are back being active quickly.

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Canadian Sandy
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Hope you heal quickly.....nice to have it over with.

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Have a fast recovery... Maybe a trip to the mountains is in your future????

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there is always a trip to the mountains in my future.


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Glad to hear that is behind you now. Less pain and discomfort going forward!! A trip to the mountains sounds awesome!

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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Well quickly-Hune

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